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Do You Need Dental Braces or Retainers?

Do You Need Dental Braces or Retainers?

Orthodontists can assist in making up the decision about your teeth that are misaligned. They have studied orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in Tennessee. The main goal they do is to correctly position the teeth when you close your mouth.

According to WebMD, they diagnose not just your teeth but your entire health. They will focus on your clinical exam, take pictures of your teeth and face, order an X-ray in your mouth and head, and a digital scan of your teeth.

From their findings, they can decide what is the most appropriate among the dental treatments available for you. Here the two most common treatments:

  • Retainers

    This uses wire and plastic gum custom-made for each person. If you’re suffering from spaces between teeth, you might need this one.

    This aims to close the gap between teeth. You use this also after you have finished with your brace treatment. This supports keeping the alignment of your teeth years after.

  • Braces

    A dentist in Millington, Tennessee will let you know if you can get this treatment. It uses bands, wires, and other removable or fixed corrective appliances.

    People with a slight overbite or underbite teeth that’s not aligned to the gumline needs this. Braces apply gradual pressure to misaligned teeth so they move the same direction of your other teeth.

However, not all can make use of retainers or braces. Cases such as having double teeth in one place or extreme underbite or overbite teeth needs surgery. Comprehensive Family Dentistry can help you with that. Browse through our website for more information.

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