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Tooth Decay: How the Decay Happens

Tooth Decay: How the Decay Happens

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Comprehensive Family Dentistry is your reliable provider of different services, such as Cosmetic Dentistry in Tennessee. One cannot emphasize the importance of oral health. Unfortunately, bad oral habits can lead to nasty conditions, such as tooth decay. When areas in the hard surface of the teeth are permanently damaged, cavities are formed. When left untreated, cavities grow thicker and may affect the deeper layers of the teeth leading to infection, toothache, or tooth loss.

Understanding the process of tooth decay will prompt the appropriate action. It will be ideal to detect the condition as early as possible to prevent further complications. Tooth decay starts as plaque forms. Not cleaning sugars and starches left out on the teeth causes bacteria to feed on them. As plaque hardens, it forms into tartar that makes it even more difficult to remove. The acids in the plaque remove the minerals on the outer enamel of the tooth. As the minerals eroded, tiny holes or openings happen. Worn out enamel exposes the next layer of the teeth called dentin. This process continues with more discomfort, from swelling to pain.

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