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What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease that should not be taken lightly. Oftentimes, its symptoms go unnoticed until it’s already too late. Unfortunately, cancer can affect any part of the body. This means that every single body part is vulnerable to this deadly disease.

As per research, there are more than 100 types of cancers that affect human beings. One of these is oral cancer. What is it exactly?

Oral cancer is the cancer of the mouth, the gums, the lining of the lips, or the upper throat. It is more commonly known as mouth cancer. This usually starts as a painless white patch which later develops into swelling red patches. As the condition progresses, it causes bleeding, numbness, chronic sore throat, and eating and swallowing difficulties. Upon seeing the symptoms, patients usually seek dental treatments. But are these enough to cure it?

Just like every other type of cancer, oral cancer is treated through chemotherapy. However, the cancerous lump needs to be removed beforehand. Rather than waiting for the worst-case scenario, it is best to regularly visit a dentist in Millington, Tennessee and your nearby area. The dentist will help you accurately detect any abnormalities in your oral health.

People who smoke, excessively drink alcohol, with HPV, and a weakened immune system are at greater risk for oral cancer. Aside from avoiding these risk factors, something else can be done to prevent oral cancer, such as having a well-balanced diet, strengthening the immune system, and limiting sun exposure.

Whether you want to do your part in detecting the early signs of oral cancer or simply need cosmetic dentistry in Tennessee, Comprehensive Family Dentistry is the best place for you.

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